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Indoor Air Quality

Residential, Commercial, and New Construction

HVAC systems do more than just regulate the temperature. Grille Mechanical is proud to offer air filtration and purification systems that can improve your indoor air quality, and subsequently, your quality of life. Our experts are here to provide recommendations on how you can breathe better and easier indoors. Then, we’ll efficiently and effectively install the products that make it happen. Check out some of our indoor air quality solutions below.

custom duct systems

Custom Duct

We design and fabricate full duct systems in our very own state-of-the-art custom sheet metal shop. Our skilled team tailor-makes each duct system to fit the size, layout, and structural uniqueness of your home or business, increasing energy and cost efficiency, airflow, performance, and your ongoing comfort.

air purification

Air Purification
(Reme Halo®)

Bring nature’s purification methods indoors with a professionally installed REME Halo® Air Scrubber. This in-duct air purifier actively removes harmful contaminants from particulates (pollen, mold spores, dust), microbes (bacteria and viruses), and gases (including the unpleasant household smells that accompany them).

custom duct replacements

Custom Duct Replacements

Ductwork plays an integral role in the air quality and temperature control of your residential or commercial space. If your ducts become damaged, overly dirty, or dusty, the potential leaks or blockages may hinder your system’s performance. Grille Bros. technicians can perform simple repairs to restore airflow and peak efficiency or build and install custom replacements that perfectly match your existing ductwork. 

media air filters

Air Filters

For a clean HVAC system and cleaner indoor air, let us install a media air filter in your new or existing HVAC unit. With premium filtration and no negative impacts on static pressure or airflow, you’ll enjoy improved air quality plus easy and infrequent maintenance requirements.

humidifiers & dehumidifiers

Humidifiers &  Dehumidifiers

Get more out of your HVAC system by regulating humidity levels as well as temperature. By either adding moisture to heated air or pulling excess moisture from each room, these simple add-ons to your existing HVAC unit can improve air quality, comfort, energy efficiency, and even health.

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